Beezy Relocation works with a national database of quality Brokerage Firms that will list your current home as well as assist you in finding your next home.    Our Real Estate professionals have Relocation Expertise and are you & your family's advocate.


Our experience in working with Relocating Employees is that most of you have moved multiple times so you tend to do allot of the work ahead of time. You usually make the call to your local Realtor to get a head start in the selling process.  I'M GOING TO ASK THAT YOU PLEASE STOP AND HOLD OFF ON ANY REALTOR CONVERSATIONS UNTILL YOU'VE COMPLETED THE RELOCATION FORM AND WE WILL CONTACT YOUR REALTOR ON YOUR BEHALF FOR THE PROPER INTRODUCTIONS. 

Whether buying or selling a home , you may want to know more about the process.  Here are six critical elements of every sale and purchase.  Each of these elements incorporates many factors, and any of them can have a dramatic affect on the time that your home stays on the market, its selling price.  As your home shopping these factors will also determine what you base your offer on.

1. Determining the List & Sales Price - A Comparable Market Analysis and help you set the appropriate sales price for your home according to current market value as well as ensure your purchasing based on these same facts.
2. Property Location - Buyers consider the proximity to schools, shopping and services, transportation and amenities. They reward homes in well-kept neighborhoods and penalize homes on noisy streets.
3. Property Condition - Buyers & sellers  consider the structural and mechanical integrity of a home as well as the cosmetic appeal. Before listing or buying a home make sure your property is in move-in  condition this is what you'll expect when shopping for your own..  
4. Market Conditions - Market conditions are factors that impact buyers & sellers that are beyond our control, like mortgage interest rates, consumer confidence, weather, the economy, current sales and price trends.
5. Contract Terms - Inspection dates, mortgage approval contingencies, seller’s disclosures, closing dates and exclusions of fixtures are just a few terms of the contract that should be handled up front, in order to avoid any confusion later.
6. Marketing - Our marketing expertise will help you achieve a quicker sale and a higher price than you may otherwise receive.